Monday, December 11, 2006

Limp Leitch

So Sandy Leitch (he who went out with Blunkett's amour - small world indeed) delivers his 'generation changing' report. What a yawn!

The BIG idea was that students should stay on at school until 18 unless they find a job with training. Interesting - but a pipedream.

As for the rest...

1. Employers disengage because they have to deal with too many agencies.
LEITCH: Create another agency (sorry commission).

2. ILAs (Individual Learner Accounts) collapsed in a swamp of fraud.
LEITCH: Revive Learner Accounts

This was a wasted opportunity, a chance to recommend some real institutinal change and a more radical approach to the problem. What we got was a little reorganisation and some old hat ideas.

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Blogger IC said...

Donald, perhaps the big idea in Leitch is not one you mentioned. It's the view that planning of publicly funded adult skill provision should be ended in favour of a demand-led system. That is the reason they are having another go at ILAs and also proposing a huge hike in Train to Gain. There are also some extremely stretching targets in there. Leitch could be more radical than it might at first appear.


10:53 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

It might be a pipedream - but it was reported on BBC radio today that raising the school leaving age to 18 will be part of the Labour manifesto (and part of the Labour Scottish manifesto come our election in June).

12:13 PM  

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