Friday, June 01, 2007


Want to see the future?
Watch this. Mindblowing demo. Just watch - you get it immediately.

Regarded as the technology talk of the year at TED. The first demo is fantastic, then comes the 3D image of Notre Dame Cathedral taken from ordinary Flickr images. Also astonishing. The implications are that socially created data can be used to create something even greater. Masses of hyperlinks are used to create deeper meaning - amazing.


Unknown said...

This lines up with Dave Snowdens' recent presentation at FOE2007, where he talked about fragmented narrative and the construction of content. Fascinating tool, and a visual representation of what can apply to knowledge, too!

magz said...

Mindblowing? The understatement of the year, dear Clark... Tahnks for sharing this....

Anonymous said...

Hi Donald,
It will be great to follow how this develops, hopefully creating 3d environments for multiplayer conversations.
Here's a link to a posting on the Microsoft Virtual Earth blog with links to 6 UK sites using Photosynth BBC partnered to produce with a show.
A fun way to have a go!