Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teen report goes bonkers

Some reports are so timely that they become massively viral. This one, based on the evidence of a 15 year-old intern at Morgan Stanley is one such example. Here’s the main points:

More media consumed

Paying more an issue

Advertising is crass

Print, especially newspapers irrelevant, apart from freesheets, like METRO

Mid-range mobiles are good

Comms seen as free – talk using consoles, SKYPE etc

Txting is massive

WiFi more important than 3G

Broadcast radio is dead

Last.fm, (ad fee) & Spotify deliver personalised playlists

Listen to loads of music

Download lots for free

Watch less TV

Hate ads on TV –fast forward

Hate ads on billboards etc

Love support viral marketing

Mostly favourite series or specific sport event

Google is big

YouTube for music/anime

Cinema still popular

Cinema drops off at 15 – gets too expensive

Lots watch DVDs

Everyone has a mobile

Sony Ericsson’s v. Popular

Pay as you go preferred

Txting and calling (not video messaging)

Don’t use phone for email

Email on home computer

Most have PCs, not Macs

Teens hate Twitter

Wiis very popular

Touchscreen is hot

Mobiles that hold lots of music are hot

Portable devices with internet access (iTouch/iPhone) are hot

Really big tellies are hot

Interesting that these rather obvious points should have reached fever-pitch, viral, meme marketing from a report published by a bank. The fact that it was largely compiled by a 15 year-old seemed to have done the trick.


Unknown said...

I think that you made many of these points in a post some time back.

Donald Clark said...

Yip - about to check some of these assumptions with my two 15 year olds - they're already dismissive, claiming that it's obviouslt written by a rich kid - for example talking ot mates through consoles?

Rob Alton said...

Where do they buy devices that have more than 10 hours of battery life? Everything I buy seems to run out of juice after an hour or two.

Donald H Taylor said...

You're right, the report is both rather obvious in its general findings, and rather biased and unrepresentative in its specifics.

I predict a backlash (already started: http://bit.ly/H22bU) which will make the bank look rather silly.

Rina said...

Most of the facts are applicable with my thirteen-year-old too. He is a voracious reader and reads news paper everyday, that's different. He is always drooling for expensive and latest gadgets and mobiles are a craze, these days he keeps reading on touch screen technology. Amazing how teens across have similar passions! Poor thing is weary now that his father has intense interest in suggesting him to study for a scholarship exam here. A boy in his class is going for the coaching paying 25,000 for weekend classes. When the same was suggested for him, him and me both were taken aback as I feel it's too early to push him into the grueling four-hour lectures. So, I will be taking his Science, Geography, History, Civics and English syllabus for the test and his father will take up Maths. Any day better than sending him for coaching.