Monday, December 11, 2006

Free everything from Wikia

Wikipedia, actually Wikia (not-for-profit venture), announced in Paris that it is to offer “free software, free bandwidth, free storage, free computing power, free content over the internet.” It will run using MediaWiki and ALL ad revenue will go back to the bloggers and others who use the service.

On the money side Wales has recently raised several million from private sources and has struck some sort of deal with Amazon.

Don't you just love this stuff.

Limp Leitch

So Sandy Leitch (he who went out with Blunkett's amour - small world indeed) delivers his 'generation changing' report. What a yawn!

The BIG idea was that students should stay on at school until 18 unless they find a job with training. Interesting - but a pipedream.

As for the rest...

1. Employers disengage because they have to deal with too many agencies.
LEITCH: Create another agency (sorry commission).

2. ILAs (Individual Learner Accounts) collapsed in a swamp of fraud.
LEITCH: Revive Learner Accounts

This was a wasted opportunity, a chance to recommend some real institutinal change and a more radical approach to the problem. What we got was a little reorganisation and some old hat ideas.