Thursday, January 19, 2006

Love this site - Basecamp

One of those ideas that’s bound to work. Who doesn’t have problems with project management? Forget Microsoft’s PM. Here’s some free project management tools. These guys rightly focus on communication and collaboration. All the charts, graphs and guff are also there. Assign to-dos and tasks. Post messages, gather feedback, simple scheduling and permissions, share files internally or with clients and track people's time. Over 100,000 sign ups and rising.

TRULY easy to use. No downloading, installation.

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Anonymous said...

Can't let this entry just sit here without a supporting comment or two. These guys (37signals) are also blazing the Ajax/ Web 2.0 apps trail more generally and - it would seem - making a living at it. This is important stuff and may even get me to the Rail conference next year - I was too slow this time around and it's sold out.

I'm just reading Dave Thomas/ David Heinemeier Hansson et alia texts [Programming Ruby/ Agile Web Development with Ruby] which make a compelling case for treating this stuff as important. The latter book uses [yet another] shopping cart application as proof that Ruby can offer impressive results in a rush - something we should all care about in this time=money world.