Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bonking is fun

Dinner with the Bonk was fun. He explained how it was impossible for him to access the internet from his Brighton Hotel - this amazes vistors from the US. Like Jay Cross he loves to get his camera out every five minutes, and then sends the photos back to you from wherever he is a few days later.

We had a walk along the seafront then through the Pavilion into the lanes. I explained how Brighton had always been a town premised on 'fun', from Regency excesses to Victorian bathing, seaside hols, dirty weekends and now a base for Bohemians. Good to see an academic get out and tell people what he's researched and the practical implications of those findings. This simply doesn't happen here. Our e-learning research lies fallow and unread. In my 23 years at Epic we never had a single request from academia to use our work in research, despite the huge number of projects we deigned and implemented. These were lost opportunities. Almost everything of use has come from the US. The exception is Seb Schmoller who genuinely crosses all sorts of boundaries - and I highly recommend his fortnightly newsletter.

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