Monday, February 26, 2007

What were the Top 5 Global Brands last year?

What were the Top 5 Global Brands last year?

1. Google
2. Apple
3. YouTube
4. Wikipedia
5. Starbucks
Jan 2007 Brandchannel user poll
Google, the much loved brand, deserves its pole position and continues to innovate with search and web 2.0 tools that benefit learning. Apple has fuelled podcasting, another web 2.0 learning feature. YouTube could to do more for web 2.0 ‘learning objects’ than all of the previous dull repositories put together. Wikipedia – as the web 2.0 phenomenon par excellence, it has transformed the very idea of how knowledge is created, updated and distributed on the web.
Could it be that powerful, everyday ‘e-learning’ has crept up on the world, separate from all the academic and institutional noise, and in a consumerist fashion?
I don’t think we’d see Saba, Skillsoft, Blackboard or any other official learning or e-learning brand ever get into the top ten.
As for Starbucks – OK it has wireless (sometimes) and comfy chairs but I still don’t get it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I get the Starbucks thing! When you've been to see client and you need to capture your thoughts before you get on a train (with no wifi :-( - unlike in Sweden), a half an hour in a wifi-ed coffee shop to marshall your thoughts? Wonderful!

Dan said...

Starbucks - the classroom of elearning 2.0?