Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sex, Nazis and Videotape

Amazing furore about Max Mosley, son of the famous Nazi Oswald Mosley (Hitler was a guest at his wedding). He was filmed by the News of the World, taking part in a Nazi orgy with a posse of five prostitutes (money clearly no object). Over five hours (can't fault his stamina) he plays the role of the concentration camp commandant, with the prostitutes dressed as holocaust prisoners! You COULD NOT make this up. It’s way beyond Jeremy Archer and the whole 'power and prostitutes' thing. This is downright nasty.

What's even more astonishing is the fact tat he's being defended, yes 'defended', by that purveyor of high moral standards, Bernie Ecclestone and other establishment figure. Thankfully, others are seeing sense and he is being shunned byJewish groups, car manufacturers, especially those in good sense, ad frankly, anyone else with a modicum of good sense.

What is it about public and boarding schools that produce such idiotic behaviour in grown men? It would seem that many emerge with a GCSE in what the French call ‘le vice anglais’ (spanking, caning and flagellation). There’s an interesting explanation for this in Jeremy Paxman’s The English and Kate Fox’s Watching the English, although I think basic exposure to the all male, uniformed environment in such schools, is probably explanation enough. OOOOOH MATRON!

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