Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Teams launched by Open AI! But not Microsoft Teams, who will be pissed!

Security & IT
Importantly, you own & control all of your own business data, It does NOT use that data or chats to train future or existing models. Security is guaranteed.

Looks as though 2024 will continue at pace with product releases. Vision Pro from Apple on sale Feb 2, but the entity that caused this whole Cambrian explosion last year is setting the pace again. So it's great to see something come out that is focused purely on productivity, not something that encourages and records and summarises meetings! Much enterprise software claims to increase productivity but seems to bog you down in non-productive meetings and document production.

ChatGPT Team

First Team does not mean ‘Microsoft teams’ but I’m sure some Mountain View marketing teams are pissed over the name. It’s OpenAI on their own moving into the corporate or organisational space.

But first, what is it?

You get GPT-4, DALL·E 3 and Advanced Data Analysis, which is what you get for your $20 licence as it stands. But you get a whopping 32K context window. a continuous block of text of up to 32,000 tokens, about 120-30 pages of text – not bad. This allows the model to understand and keep track of the context, giving better analysis and more coherence. One of the problems, however, is that the larger the context window, the less accurate the performance – so let’s see.

Data analysis

The sort of things one can do as an organisation, is visualising data and recommending actions. Things that took weeks can be done in minutes, along with the output in a ChatGPT format in terms of level and prose. This is a godsend for organisations, especially small companies, who now have the data capabilities of a behemoth.

I can’t think of a single department or area that can’t benefit from this in terms, not just of increased productivity but also increased quality of output. The evidence so far for increases in productivity in terms of both time saved and increased quality is sound, this will take it to the next level. HR, L&D, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Production, Project Management, Pricing, Onboarding – you name it, you can use it.

They’ve clearly piloted this in some interesting places, such as a hospital:

Dr. John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital says, “With ChatGPT Team, we’ve been able to pilot innovative GPTs that enhance our team’s productivity and collaboration. As we integrate GPTs safely and responsibly across internal operations, we know the transformative impact this will have in strengthening the systems that enable our doctors, researchers, students, and administrative staff to provide exceptional care to every patient that walks through our doors.”

So get going with brainstorming and research, especially for startups and small companies, pulling insights from data and documents, debugging and creating code. This slides into hundreds of specific applications available in the GPT Marketplace, which has been simultaneously launched.

You also get organisational features that really matter such as a collaborative workspace for your team and admin for team management.

GPT Marketplace

A big plus is its link into the ChatGPT marketplace, where you can pull on specific functionality. This is where it starts to challenge the App marketplace. This gives it extensibility.

Security & IT

Importantly, you own & control all of your own business data, It does NOT use that data or chats to train future or existing models. Security is guaranteed which gives peace of mind to IT departments.


$25/month per user when billed annually ($300), or $30/month per user when billed monthly ($360). Looks as though OpenAL really are serious about making money here. You have to see this as adding the functionality of a productive person. This is 1% of a 30k employee, such as a marketing person or manager. If it gives you more htan 1% increase in productivity, makes sense.


I can see this being used in a school, college or University, also small and medium sized companies. By positioning it as a dialogue-based, promted set of assistants, it fits into the concept of a team quite nicely, far neater than the clumsy Microsoft Teams. This may herald a real shift away from traditional interfaces towards dialogic interfaces and services, with voice added.

We’re seeing a challenge to both Microsoft ad Apple here, in the corporate and Apps markets respectively. This is all within14 months of launching ChatGPT. That’s impressive. It took those companies many years to get near this level of functionality and frequency of product launches. This is what I mean by the benefits of AI, doing in minutes what took months.

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