Friday, June 21, 2024

The DATA is in… AI is happening BIG TIME in organisations…

2024 is the year AI is having a massive impact on organisations in terms of productivity and use. Two reports from Microsoft and Duke, show massive take up. I showed this data for the first time this week at an event in London, where I also heard about GPT5 being tested as we speak.

The shift has been rapid, beyond the massive wave of initial adoption where people were largely playing with the technology. During this phase, some were also building product (that takes time). We’ve built several products for organisations, pushing fast from prototype to product, now in the market being used by real users in 2024. That's the shift.

The M&A activity is also at fever pitch. The problem is that most buyers don’t fully understand that startups are unlikely to have proven revenue streams in just 12 months. The analysts are miles behind, as they drive with their eyes in the rear-vie mirror. Don’t look to them for help. Large companies are looking for acquisitions but the sharper ones are getting on with it.

Microsoft - AI is Here

The Microsoft and Linked in report ‘AI is Here’ surprised even me.

The Survey & data of 31,000 people 31 countries covers labour & hiring trends, trillions of productivity signals and Fortune500 customers. The results clearly show that 2024 is year AI at work gets real and that employees are bringing AI to work. 75% of people are already using AI at work.

Who are using it? Everyone, the data shows everyone from Gen. Z to Boomers have jumped on board. 

And looking to the future, it is becoming a key skill on recruitment.

We have moved from employees informally bringing AI to work, to formal adoption, especially in large organisations. There's a serious interest in getting to know what to do and how to do it on scale. Next year will see the move from specific use cases, such as increasing productivity in processes to enterprise wide adoption. Some have already made that move.


CFOs that reported automating were also asked about whether their firms had utilised artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks over the last 12 months. 

CFOs that plan to automate over the next 12 months were asked about their plans to adopt AI over the this period. Fifty-four percent of all firms, and 76 percent of large firms, anticipate utilising AI to automate tasks, with a skew towards larger firms.


Anyone who thinks this is hype or a fad, needs to pay attention to the emerging data.

The problem is that it has a US skew. We’re all doing it but the US is doing it faster. As they shoot for the stars we’re shooting ourselves in both feet through negativity and bad regulation. The growth upside and savings in education and health are being ignored while we hold conferences on Ai and Ethics, where few even understand what an ‘ethical’ analysis means. It’s largely moralising, not ethics, with little understanding of the technology or actual ethics.


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