Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learning Light snuffed out

So another crazy quango gets extinguished, presumably because of its illegal governance (CEOs illegal board meeting behaviour), miserable performance (read appallingly low income) and the crazy idea that a regional initiative would have national significance. It's been mothballed and folded into the Government Office for Yorkshire and Humberside, which is tantamount to being strangled to death, then buried in a very deep pit. What a tragic waste of time and money.

After spending silly money on an array of consultants and stupid services, the money has clearly run out. The aim was to give it hefty funding (millions), which would lead to it being finacially independent. With its hapless management and stupid, provincial in-fighting, it stood no chance.

The good news is that Sheffield is shaping up nicely to rival my home town of Brighton, as the UKs leading e-learning cluster. In fact, the expansion seems to be a combination of southern companies setting up northern bases (LINE and Brighto based Kineo).

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