Friday, June 20, 2008

Rate My Professors - Professors Strike Back

The 'Rate My Professors' site is huge in the US, and got into TIME Magazine's Top 50 websites for 2008. It now features English Universities. My local University of Brighton has 9 staff rated and University of Sussex 54.

Each Professor gets a name, subject, overall smiley symbol (good, average, poor), quality rating (1-5), ease (1-5) and whether they’re ‘hot’ or 'not'! At a more detailed level they rate easiness, helpfulness, clarity, interest prior to attending class, textbook use and the opportunity to submit (non-libelous) comments. They also have a Facebook app that lets you to search for, browse and read ratings of professors and schools. Then there's the Top 50 lists.

Professors Strike Back
The Professors Strike Back section is great. They come right back with some witty and sensible replies, “Yes - apparently one of the problems with taking College Classes is that you have to read ‘books’, and alas they’re mostly not thrillers, so I’m terribly sorry that you had to read those boring things.” And check out fantastic All Time Most Popular rant from the great Professor Andrew Tomasello (18+ rating).

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Anonymous said...

These days just professor ratings are not enough for students to choose there classes. In fact many other factors matter too before one should register for any class. There are a few websites out there that offer much more than just user ratings.