Monday, March 06, 2006

E-learning raises GCSE grades

And here's another.....The Fischer Family Trust has produced a report on the exam results of 105,163 Year 11, a total of one in six students who took their GCSEs. Over 105,600 year 11 students from 1006 secondary schools were analysed in an independent report which proves that using e-learning to prepare for GCSE exams really does improve grades. The report takes into account the results of one in six students who took their GCSEs and found that pupils who used e-learning for as little as 10 hours achieved 4.7 per cent more 5+ A* to C GCSE grades than expected, based on prior attainment. The value added gain was 2.1 capped points per pupil, which is the equivalent of one-quarter of a GCSE grade per subject. Improvement, in terms of overall GCSE points score, is greatest for students in middle and lower prior-attainment groups. In terms of attainment of 5+ A* to C GCSE passes, improvement is greatest for middle prior-attainment groups, particularly where levels of use are above 10 hours. For pupils in the lowest prior attainment band, using e-learning for 10 hours or more achieved gains of nearly half a grade. This is the equivalent of 50 per cent of students achieving one grade higher than expected.

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