Monday, March 06, 2006

E-learning raises A-level grades

People are always crying out for proof of the learning efficacy of e-learning. Here's one from secondary education. A series of Independent Reports from different countries all reach the same conclusions. The graph shows the link between SCHOLAR and attainment. Those with no or low use of SCHOLAR achieved the same or a lower grade at A2 compared to AS level. High users of SCHOLAR achieved the same or a higher grade.
There have now been three SCHOLAR pilot programmes in the UK, one in Scotland, one in England, and one in Northern Ireland. All three have been evaluated independently using different approaches, yet all three have identified the benefits of this approach. The improvement in exam results between AS and A2 level is particularly significant. Analysis revealed that there was a positive correlation between the number of SCHOLAR pages accessed by a student and the difference between their AS and A2 grade. The more pages of SCHOLAR accessed by a student, the more likely they were to improve a grade between AS and A2.

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