Thursday, December 20, 2007


Much as I love technology and gadgets, they have their downside. Mobiles on trains are just ANNOYING, and bluetooth headsets mark the wearer out as, well SAD.

Following the advice of the great Bob Marley we can, for about $25, buy a device that jams annoying mobile calls. Click the switch and it sends out a blast of radio waves that stops the call. This has become something of a sport with jamming commuters. They wait until the caller gets through and jam it just one sentence into the conversation. "Wicked man.....CLICK, "Off to Tuscany tomorrow...CLICK. Wonderful!

On Bluetooth, I think it should be made legal to hit anyone wearing said device on the head, with a baseball bat. You might as well tattoo 'I'M A TOTAL PRAT' on your forehead. Note, of course, that this picture shows something you never see in real life - a woman wearing the device - never happens, they're far too sensible.

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Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Together with many other women I know, I regularly wear a bluetooth. Two situations:

1) When I am driving, so that I can still be contacted by my family (I am first and foremost a mother)
2) When I am on the phone to a subject matter expert or collaboration partner and need my hands free for the keyboard.

Fortunately my hair hides the tattoo!