Sunday, January 06, 2008

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

Founder of ‘The Tinkering School’, Gever Tulley regrets the over-zealous child safety regulations e.g. warnings on coffee cups telling you that coffee is hot. As the boundaries of the safety zone get larger we increasingly cut out exposure to risk.

  1. Play with fire – basic and necessary – intake, combustion and exhaust – a laboratory.
  2. Own a pocket knife – powerful and empowering tool – extended sense of self – keep it sharp, cut away from body, never force it.
  3. Throw a spear – our brains are wired to throw things – visual acuity, 3D understanding – analytical and physical skills.
  4. Deconstruct appliances – don’t throw out the dishwasher – take it apart first. Figure out what the parts do and how it works.
  5. Drive a car. Let them drive with you in control. Find a big empty space. Fun for the whole family!

Love it.

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