Friday, March 06, 2009

'Pupils better than teachers with ICT' says Ofsted

I was going to write a piece on the recent OFSTED report, that was wildly misreported in the press, but Bob Harrison's done a far better job in this article.
I think a bnigger problem is the quality of the OFSTED inspectors. I've witnessed a few of these and the inspectors are often good, worthy but retired-out people who are somewhat distant from technology. If the pupils are better than many of the teachers, then believe me, they're a lot better than the inspectors.

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Alex Jones said...

I fear this isn't an accurate reflection of what the report says. It says on page 9 (in the section on primary schools) "Sometimes pupils’ ICT capability was so good that it outstripped their teachers’ subject knowledge and, as a result, their good progress was not sustained." 'Sometimes' is a very imprecise term.
This is also just about primaries NOT secondaries.