Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Dark Deeds at Learning Light

Another LL resignation. This time it's consultant Wendy Weller-Davies. This organisation has seen its entire board and most of its hired guns resign. It was a hoot seeing the excellent Jay Cross flown over business class to sit around on the LL stand for a bit, then fly back. He was as bamboozled as the rest of us. Meanwhile the guys are flying off around the world, and off on cruise ships, on dubious attempts to improve Yorkshire's e-learning lot.

I know the detail is tedious but it was the ousted Chair and myself who had to point out to the CEO the illegal nature of the AGM. He promptly hired lawyers to confirm his position, only to receive advice that we were right. He was then 'forced' to declare his first AGM null and void. After desperately trying to get us back as Board members (we all refused), for a second AGM, he failed. and has had to recruit a board from scratch. In short, he hadn't a clue what he was doing and had to pay lawyers to confirm that we were right and he was wrong. By this time the board members (all doing this for free) were disgusted and had resigned for good.

Millions are being spent on an organisation that is clearly dysfunctional and not achieving its aims. Why doesn't Yorkshire Forward (or maybe it takes the Yorkshire Post) stop this madness?


Anonymous said...

A visit to the website to the new press release makes the site go BANG

Not good for a learning organisation.

A worried taxpayer

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Anonymous said...

Actually, no it doesn't. I presume you're looking for

Anonymous said...

Actually, it did do this. The press release was issued, pulled and amended to correct factual inaccuracies. Then it was reissued.

Anonymous said...

Donald you have clearly read more into the grapevine than is there. I am coming to the end of my contract with Learning Light and have been looking for other opportunities. I haven’t resigned.

Anonymous said...

speaking of state funded E-learning projects, how's the interactive university going up in Scotland?

was any good advice heeded there?

Anonymous said...

Donald - regarding life coaching, is it not slightly depressing for you to be spending so much of your time writing ill-educated (spot the irony) dribble when those professionals neither take you seriously nor especially care what you think? The first question a life coach would ask you is when 'you' intend to get a life rather then exercising your enormous ego in a sad little vacuum called your blog

Anonymous said...

Bring back Inside IT!

Donald Clark said...

Thanks for the memories. Where's John Barker when we need him?

Anonymous said...

A previous comment made me wonder so result on "interactive university" and "donald Clark" =


both interesting. Donny bhoy what is your take on what went down?

Donald Clark said...

"Never answer an anonymous letter"
Yogi Berra

Show your cards Anony Bhoy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have went with "If you ask me anything I don't know, I'm not going to answer." - Yogi Berra

Much more suitable don't you think?

However I don't think it fair to paint you in just one color. You have done well my son. Just remember the tall poppy (or even the one that claims to be taller) always is the first for the snip.

at least thats how we see things at the Home Office

Donald Clark said...

More tiresome anonymity.

Donald H Taylor said...

Come on Anonymous - either say who you are or give a genuine reason for your anonymity.

Donald Taylor
(no relation)

Anonymous said...

Don't go hunting the messenger if you don't like the message.

The story of the Interactive University stands on its own. Don’t take my word for it; Google it for yourself.

6 directors ran the company for
5 years which went out of business on the
4th month this year.
3 million was invested by Scottish Enterprise which followed the original
2, which of course lead to
1 big embarrassment for Scottish Enterprise (as if they needed another).

Sorry that was a bit self-indulgent, just ignore me and I will probably go away.

Anonymous said...

FFS, you bell ends!

Who cares if someone is anonymous or not, just answer the fucking questions.

an ANNOYed SUMO wrestler