Monday, April 06, 2020

10 tips for speaking online when teaching...

For speaking online, there are several recommendations:
1.     Audio really matters
Use a good microphone (this makes a big difference) – research shows picture quality doesn’t matter for retention, audio does. The room really matters, so try to work in a room that has little echo – soft furnishings help and close to router or booster. And get rid of your head when showing slide content - they need to focus on hte content - the rest is noise.
2.     Speak informally
Speak in an informal and relaxed manner – research show that this aids learning. Start by describing where you’re speaking from, your room, be personal, relaxed.
3.     Slow down
Speak a little slower than is comfortable, as learners need to process the information.
4.     Top and tail
Use spaced practice by recapping what you said in last session and summarising what you’ve just covered at the end of the current session. It aids retention.
5.     Chapterise
Chapterise things more with clear signalling when changing topic, Introduce each new topic with a simple orientation.
6.     Use cursor
Use the cursor deliberately to circle target items (movement catches the eye) if showing slides
7.     Screen directions
Use screen directions and descriptions explicitly, such as ‘look at top right hand corner where you will find…’
8.     Stay on relevant screen
Stay on that screen for the whole explanation, only then move to the next. Avoid referring to past or future screens.
9.     Tell them to take notes
Tell learners to take notes (in their own words) – 20-30% increase in retention
10.   Use a clock
       Use a clock and place ahead of you as we tend to speak too much and go on longer than we should ( a common phenomenon)
Remember, less is more. They will learn more from what they do after you’ve spoken to them, away from the screen. Keep the talking to a minimum and lead it into active, effortful learning – assignments (be absolutely clear about length, expectations, format etc), quizzes, discussions, further resources online etc.

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Unknown said...

The tips are very useful as they are simple to do. Thank you!